Who are Direct Mobiles and what do we do?

Direct Mobiles is an online service providing comparison services plus reviews and buying advice for a range products and services. We specialist in mobile phones but can also help with broadband products and other mobile services such as video, music and apps.

We help people save money and time when looking for a new phone or SIM only deal. We cut through the jargon and the hundreds of thousands of deals available in the UK to curate and highlight the best offers available.

We are unbiased and will make recommendations using the 25 years experience we have from retailing, reviewing and comparing mobile phone deals, products and networks.

How does Direct Mobiles make money?

Direct Mobiles has commercial agreements in place with some suppliers and retailers across all products and services. We charge suppliers and retailers a fee when a customer purchases one of their products or services, which means we can provide our comparison services and content to consumers for free. We look at the entire market and also have a number of exclusive deals that can’t be found elsewhere.

We aim to compare the entire market but very occasionally you may find that there is a product or service not available in our service. This will be because we don’t have a commercial agreement in place with that supplier or they do not wish to include it in our comparison.

Can I trust the information provided?

We monitor the entire UK market daily, with updates to offers being made 2-3 times per day as and when suppliers update their own sites and provide updated data. This ensures that Direct Mobiles comparison results and deal round-up articles are accurate and kept up to date.

We of course all have our favourite phones here in the Direct Mobiles office, but when it comes to reviews and deal comparisons, we are 100% unbiased in all our commentary and buying advice. If it’s a good deal or a great product, we’ll tell you.  If it’s possibly not for you or we don’t believe it’s good value, we won’t recommend it. This is the ethos we have guided ourselves by for the last 25 years and will continue to do always. Help the customer find what’s best for them.

Why do people use Direct Mobiles?

Choosing a new phone and a new price plan can be a complicated and long-winded process so we remove all of that by curating the best offers and providing simple buying advice to explain key features. We save people time and money. And now that you can switch networks with a text message, it’s even easier.

We’re always happy to help

Direct Mobiles love mobile tech and love seeing a happy customer get their new phone, knowing it was the best possible deal for them. We’re available on Live Chat or phone Monday to Friday or you can email us or send us a message on social media.

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