10 Great Tips to Maximise your iPhone Battery

iPhone5S-GoldIf you use your iPhone all the time, then you’ll know how frustrating it is when your battery is getting low and there isn’t anywhere handy to charge it up. By following some (or all!) of the following battery-saving tips, you could see a real difference and prolong the life of your iPhone battery by more than twenty per cent.

1. One of the most basic and well known battery saving tips but worth a mention anyway, turn down your iPhone screen brightness by switching off the ‘Auto Brightness’ (found in Settings, Wallpapers & Brightness).

2. Similarly any vibration settings for calls, notifications and alarms are also a drain on the battery so turn these off as well (Settings, Sounds).

3. The parallax effect on the newest iPhones (5s and 5c) is extremely battery sapping and can be turned off by enabling the Reduce Motion option.

4. Reduce the Auto-Lock time so your screen turns itself off after just one minute of inactivity (General Settings menu).

5. Disable any automatic app updates as well as any automatic music downloads so you can control when they’re done when you have a decent amount of charge. (Turn them off by going into your iTunes& App Store settings).

6. If there’s wi-fi nearby then it’s more battery efficient to use it rather than using the data downloads on your iPhone.

7. If you’re not using your wifi or you’re in an area without a decent wi-fi signal then switch it off to make your battery last that bit longer. The same applies to Bluetooth.

8. Consider switching from 4G to 3G as you’re battery will last longer (Settings, Cellular).

9. If you don’t need to use Siri then switch off the Raise to Speak feature to improve battery efficiency (Settings, General, Siri).

10. Change your Location Services options so you turn off ‘Frequent Locations’ which can be heavy on battery use (Settings, Privacy, Location Services).

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